-beginning the year alone in the arctic dark to faint fireworks from a distant village, alone and dark, clockless
-figuring out that snow is made of water and melting it to wash and drink, and tasks like that
-the reindeer herder’s dog
-almost getting lost in dark real blizzards
-finding my way out
-the love in the people of Denmark
-the humility in the people of Japan
-the insanity in the people of the United States
-the eyes of the people of Canada
-Jason Anderson, “New England”
-the experience of recording Jason Anderson “New England” with Warren, Shredder, Adam, McCloud, all the people,
-My best friend Jason Wall playing music during study breaks
-the Department of Safety keeping on
-the Pizza thing and how it’s finally over almost
-Yes, Adam playing guitar solos over “the Crunge” and Bjork while moonwalking in Bellingham
-Adam and his cell phone
-Adam and saying “min” at the end of things
-Adrian and his cell phone and bacon
-getting to walk around in NY with nothing to do and realizing that I can love it
-Kyle disappearing into the waves
-the red eskimo coat
-the white sheepsmins coat


-playing steel drum and singing with a band
-the winter finally getting here
-Bjork and Bonny Billy 1st date
-”Let’s get out of the romance”
-”Magnolia Electric Company” CD
-Jason Anderson, Jason Wall, Izak Elvrum, and me taking a rowboat and canoe to Saddlebag Island and spending the night unprepared and loving it, Huck Finn style with painted toenails and scraped up legs, cold in the rain under a holey tarp and having Wall tell me my silvery toenails reminded him of Jonny Depp in Pirates of the Carrirlbelegben, seeing porpoises on the row home
-Steve Shroeder and our rare times together
-Dub Narcotic surviving that brutal fucking wreck
-kissing boobs
-candlelight Monopoly in cabin in deep woods
-Bram Stoker’s Dracula, especially opening “background” scene
-my parents’ hospitality
-suffering bad for a long time about heart/life tangles and becoming free and rich in 2003
-December trip to Montana with Genevieve and Calvin
-there is just way too much to be able to be satisfied. As I said, this year is the most important year ever for me
-summer 2003 sports: basketball, horseshoes, swimming, tennis, soccer, boogie jumping, skateboarding to the basketball
-early 2003 sports: spear throwing, log throwing, walking, ice climbing
-being at the prime of my life
-Adrian’s music and the feeling it gives me
-being around Adrian at all
-eating salmon fish
-”Uncle Kyle’s” weird stuff on the K records internet shows page where he talks about his top 10 of the moment and other hilarious stuff
-Mirah “C’mon Miracle”
-’79 blue Toyota pickup
-pigtails to 2 braids to ceremonial haircut to finally using good shampoo and haircare products
-talking weird
-saying dumb jokes
-2002 tour with Little Wings
-2002 March show in Anacortes of Bonny Billy Band
-2002 tour with the Jasons
-Jeremy repeatedly shooting a corpse in Grand Theft Auto over and over and over on my parents’ computer like 20 times
-Jeremy’s motherfucking printing press
-Kirsten’s art show
-Jeremy/Clarity’s art show
-Vancouver BC, Victoria Drive house
-Alex’s weird endless penis jokes, including the “wooden block” one that just happened
-the Sugar Refinery and their sad end
-eating at a Ruby Tuesday’s in southern Utah with 2 Japanese guests and having the uncomfortable waiter guy act like the people at the restaurant in Office Space, seriously saying stuff like “Can I start you off with some extreme pizza slammers?” and having my Japanese guests be so confused about what he was even saying.
-X Games 2003 winter and summer
-trying to figure out how to play “Go”
-Dirty Dave’s Gay 90s Pizza Spaghetti Parlor
-Ciel Blau and her dancing
-Karl Blau and his endless blossoming
-playing Aerobie with Skron down by Rosario that one time
-Blaus on 4th of July, as usual
-rousing “Jeneeevienneoo”
-driving everywhere
-watching kids iceskating in Oslo
-flip flops and socks in the winter
-watching kindergarteners in a museum in Oslo
-Andreas and his obsession with wrestling
-speaking French
-getting sincerely into tabloid TV guide photos for hours

-Will Oldham rolling around in blankets farting before going on stage, to “get in the mood”

-yellow Peter Pan style hat from Pt. Alberni
-”Shrimpy and Paul” by Marc Bell
-collecting mugs
-Japanese Thanksgiving
-wind chill
-Calvin handing the towtruck guy his new album through the broken window of the van in response to the question “What kind of music you guys play?”
-gummi pizza
-love postcards
-having a PO box of my own
-not having a cell phone
-the doll in my pocket
-the Coconutcracker Suite
-relistening to Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars
-Jason Anderson, “New England” some more
-gourmet oatmeal
-gourmet ketchup
-the dream of the years first 3 or 4 months
-eggnog lattes
-spelling “donut” with a k before the n-o-t.
-playing world music hand drums
-getting into Brigitte Fontaine
-the US postal service
-that time 750 people stayed here this summer
-Anna Oxygen and her family’s cabin in Oregon and also getting to walk down the street with her in NYC
-double peace signs
-death metal hoodie
-rubber boots
-not getting to go to Driggs with those guys that one time
-seeing my friends while on tour, also on tour, everywhere
-Lollapalooza 2003 at Caffe Gelato Vero in San Diego with the huge jam band with horns
-Khaela’s laryngitis period
-Amber getting a Kindergarten class at Lincoln, the good school
-Goodtime John from Ireland visiting and when we went out on a rowboat at night in Gig Harbor, and joking with friends
-when Adam and Dave came up to the cottage for gourmet oatmeal and music and morning
-watching the mole decay
-figuring out how to route water down the hill
-building a deck and roof with the Jasons
-climbing a tree to investigate a reported forest fire
-sharpening my tools on my dad’s grinder
-the guy at the ferry from Denmark to England looking at me with my acoustic guitar case and yelling “Jimi Hendrix! Haahahaha!”
-walking around in Leeds with the guitar case and gesturing “what’s up?” to every other passing student with a guitar case and making them uncomfortable
-the year’s best graffiti: “Lice is macho”
-learning some real piano playing
-not being such a dick anymore
-watching TV
-trying to explain Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Japanese people
-chili dogs
-king size Reese’s cups 4 pack
-the sound Calvin makes when he drinks tea
-eating terrible mexican food in San Diego
-having Brian Malloy take me to the good mexican food place the next day and eating it on the beach and calling my family on his cell phone from the beach to tell my dad about the warm waves
-Finnegan’s restaurant in Missoula, Montana, and their “the” Hot Apple Dumpling and “Awesome Mud Pie!!” sign where they mis spelled “flakey” and wrote “flsky”... super funny.
-I love this thread listing thing very much
-free association
-being in the dark on some couches at Halloween, for no reason… as a weak excuse for a costume
-bursting into tears
-how surreal it was that people like Candice or Franz for example were at Trafton this summer
-Genevieve at What the Heck fest, as a person, especially at the Watery Graves lie down on the floor show
-all the death that happened this year
-Bronwyn and Brian getting married
-Curtis getting married to someone I don’t know who
-the weird baseball park clubhouse on Hornby Island, BC and the 13 year old girl who was out of control
-having one painted toenail
-getting lost in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands with Jason Wall trying to find a cross-island route in the rain and having to call my sister from Lake Erie Grocery to ask her to come pick us up
-Deception Cafe and the fly in the chutney
-Ice cream sandwiches, all kinds
-ink on hands
-being licked
-Kyle Field, video artist
-finally getting to meet Luce
-the Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooools
-General Tso’s Chicken
-the Weeds, Emily Zeitlyn
-how nice Flint is
-pine needles/rosemary
-having a girl in the afternoon back of my truck sleeping next to horses
-Courtenay, BC and the spirit of the kids from there
-the ferry from Sidney to Tsawassen and how it goes through a narrow passage between 2 islands
-Genevieve’s silk screening bravery
-her biker pot smoking dad
-Adam and others adopting the “all white” thing with me
-Adam’s white hooded thing
-Adam’s little Adam
-the awesome sourdough pancakes I ate at Zachary’s in Santa Cruz
-Adrian’s Megan
-white out pens
-(dirty secrets)
-squash and the time I had Alex Adrian and Kirsten over for soup at the hut and Genedialladfav called right as we were sitting down to eat on Adrian’s cell phone
-”the Collected Songs of Cold Mountain” translated and compiled by Red Pine, published by Copper Canyon Press of Pt. Townsend, WA
-Tintin au Tibet
-reading “Spring Snow” by Yukio Mishima and tearing out each page as I finished it and littering it wherever, everywhere from NY to WA to Portugal
-pretending to be a normal person in the mirror in the bathroom with my hair slicked back pretending to be in a hotel lobby
-buying groceries
-getting sweaty at Yarn Lazer What the Heck 2003
-this is my top 2003 of 2003, serious
-Bjork, “Vespertine”
-the Getty Address performed with the laptop choir
-being honest
-Bobby Birdman and how attractive he was at What the Dude Time, especially playing bass in Little Wings
-dancing at Little Wings
-hairy legs on us all
-seeing Jake Longstreth briefly by surprise in SF because I forgot he moved there
-the 24 hour donut places everywhere
-”What About Bob?”
-Jake writing down scenes from Ghostbusters at my parents’ breakfast table during the Fort Elvrum thing
-June 15th, 2003
-not living in Olympia anymore
-cashew pizza
-fire escapes
-playing with Explosions in the Sky in a weird theater by accident
-walking down the freeway until I couldn’t take it anymore and then sitting on the rocks looking out to sea and trying to walk back
-skim boarders
-my grandparents and how excited they are to see me always
-Ritchey’s emails
-that one weird place in Tokyo where all the kids who like Marilyn Manson hang out and act “scary”
-new email address
-writing to the author of “the Last American Man”, a biography of some guy I read, and getting long wonderful responses
-drawing comics of myself and my life as a way to remember moments
-saying “Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!” while sawing wood in Norway and then looking around to see if anything happened, sincerely
-stealing skis from underneath the neighbors’ cabin and duck taping them to my feet
-the moose
-walking to shows instead of driving
-War and Peace
-Uncle Harry’s hair oil
-Little Wings Field Tryppp
-Lee Baggett set at SLO open mic and his new amp
-Bigfoot Celebration 2003
-the coffee place near Candice’s house, the Downbeat or something
-typing on this forever
-the thunderstorm in Ames, Iowa
-Canada. 2003 is the year of Canada.
-Bad Santa previews
-wearing proper clothing for the weather
-”Punch Drunk Love”
-buying the CD soundtrack of Bram Stoker’s Dracula at a Best Buy in Hollywood and driving around blasting it out of the rental car with the windows down, low in the seat, craning neck at people on the sidewalk. The music is really weird for this kind of cruising… very dramatic and big. A fond 2003 memory

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above: a copy of the Dawn book being used to start a fire in a frozen cave in the cliffs above Finnkonevika, Kjerringøy, Norway, late November 2008, “release party”

ELV020: Wind’s Poem (2xLP) by Mount Eerie


Wind’s Poem is the 3rd “official” album by Mount Eerie, the third in the continuum of semi-narrative explorations on the themes of erosion and mortality. It is the best record ever made by Mount Eerie or any related projects.

Double CLEAR vinyl, incredible heavy gatefold jackets with bronze foil stamping, 36 inch double sided lyrics poster, everything manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

twelve songs / 54:45 total time
1. Wind’s Dark Poem
2. Through The Trees
3. My Heart Is Not At Peace
4. the Hidden Stone
5. Wind Speaks
6. Summons
7. the Mouth of Sky
8. Between Two Mysteries
9. Ancient Questions
10. (something)
11. Lost Wisdom pt. 2
12. Stone’s Ode

ELV020: Wind’s Poem (CD) by Mount Eerie
Wind’s Poem is the 3rd “official” album by Mount Eerie, the third in the continuum of semi-narrative explorations on the themes of erosion and mortality. It is the best record ever made by Mount Eerie or any related projects.

Special heavy gatefold “mini-LP” CD jackets with bronze foil stamping, 36 inch double sided lyrics poster, everything manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

twelve songs / 54:45 total time
1. Wind’s Dark Poem
2. Through The Trees
3. My Heart Is Not At Peace
4. the Hidden Stone
5. Wind Speaks
6. Summons
7. the Mouth of Sky
8. Between Two Mysteries
9. Ancient Questions
10. (something)
11. Lost Wisdom pt. 2
12. Stone’s Ode


TOM131: Wind’s Poem (CD) by Mount Eerie (European import version)
This version released by Tomlab of Germany comes in a standard jewel case but still includes the long lyric poster. Also it has these 3 bonus tracks:
13. (wind lyrics)
14. Summons (acoustic)
15. Lost Wisdom

USA: $17 / Canada: $18 / the World: $19

ELV014: MOUNT EERIE pts. 6 & 7 : book/10”
132 huge pages, plus a 3 panel fold-out, of natural light in the natural world, distorted and brought to life by ambient moonlight, expired film, antique cameras, and long night exposures. The photos are the visual counterpart to pretty much the entire catalog of the Microphones and Mount Eerie, spanning almost a decade. Bound within the pristine white silver foil-stamped hardcover is the new Mount Eerie EP, featuring 4 long songs: “Known World”, “Unknown World”, “Blue Light on the Floor” and “Mount Eerie Revealed”. This vinyl only release is intended to be a sequel to “Mount Eerie” by the Microphones (K records, 2003), picking up where that ambiguous myth left off and returning to firm ground to wander into the backyard in the middle of the night.
Here are the environmental statistics: it was printed on 10,000 lbs. of FSC certified 50% recycled, 35% post-consumer “Endeavor” paper (“savings”- 20 full grown trees, 60 lbs of water-borne waste, 9000 lbs solid waste, 1000 gallons of water, 1900 lbs of greenhouse gases, 14870 (000) BTU’s of energy). Now for sale!
Do you have a copy and you want to know what the photos are of? There is a supplement page now for book owners. It is here.

USA: 64$ / Canada: 76$ / the World: 90$ (prices include shipping)

ELV019: Lost Wisdom (LP)
by Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron & Fred Squire
10 songs recorded quickly and quietly during a surprise visit by Julie Doiron, keeper of the world’s greatest and saddest voice, and Fred Squire, hidden guitarist of the floating riff, in a small wooden room in Anacortes, Washington before they returned home to eastern Canada. Songs with the expression of the face of a baby in a burning world, in the swirling dust. They hang on a theme of impermanence and destroying forces. The river is revealed to be going right through the house, the river of inevitable chaos, sorrow and love.

Julie Doiron is a legitimate music legend. Not only are her solo albums the greatest but she is also in the band Eric’s Trip. This is a big deal. Fred Squire is called “hidden” here because he plays so dramatic gently and has primarily lived in extremely remote Canadian outposts. His songs are called Calm Down, It’s Monday. Look it up.

The LP version of this comes with a 24×36 inch double sided poster with all the lyrics and a painting and a photo. White/tiedyed vinyl. Elegant and raw.

USA: $15 / Canada: $17.50 / the World: $23

ELV019: Lost Wisdom (CD) by Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron & Fred Squire
Same music but on CD. It comes in a pretty fancy sleeve. Have you seen those “mini-LP replica” sleeves that come from Japan? It’s one of those. Nice printing and no plastic in the construction. We are releasing this one as a CD because we are so pumped to have a Mt. Eerie/Julie Doiron collaboration that we want to sell 1,000,000 copies. It is good.

USA: $12 / Canada: $13 / the World: $14

Why not?
add a Lost Wisdom poster to your order
This is the same poster that comes with the LP. We are offering it for sale separately here for people who’d like to hang it on their wall or whatever. One side is a giant grainy color photo of a clearcut in fog. The other side is a painting of a flaming house with all the lyrics to the album in 7 pt. Garamond italic at the bottom. It is 3 feet wide, 2 feet tall, and comes pre-folded.
NOTE: This is only available as an “add on” to an order that contains an LP.


ELV017: Dawn of Mount Eerie (LP)
“Dawn” is an archival core sample from an intensely creative period, the winter of 2002/2003 spent alone in a cabin in arctic Norway, wrestling with ghosts, gathering wood, acting out the myths; a kind of “lost album” finally properly recorded on just guitar and singing. It is being released in 2 pretty different forms. This one, a white vinyl LP, is meant to accompany the other, a book of the same name (below). This record comes with a special booklet of scary self portraits done in the dark window reflection in overflowing ink, vaguely corresponding to the overflowing darkness in the 19 songs. They have become known over the past few years at live shows and in other forms but never have they appeared all together like this, sung in the same way they were written, acoustic alone.

USA: $17.50 / Canada: $20.50 / the World: $27

Dawn by Phil Elverum (book+CD)
What is this? “Winter Journal”? CD? Pictures? What?
Here for sale is a potentially boring, potentially illuminating journal from a winter spent alone in a remote Norwegian cabin in 2002/2003, along with a CD of the songs written during that time and some pictures and drawings. The idea is that the journal writing is the “raw source material” that the songs were later distilled from. Reading it in journal-form perhaps recreates the slow pace of life and the swirl of thoughts that allowed the birth of such songs. Also: jokes, observations on cold nature, literature, surrealism, “home”, perception, etc. You might find it interesting.
It is a pretty nice object too: a hardcover book bound in synthetic birch wood. It looks like the piece of wood it is. (Buenaventura Press)

USA: $28 / Canada: $31 / the World: $36

ELV016: Black Wooden Ceiling Opening by Mount Eerie : 10”+CD
(2nd artwork version)
Six songs of Mt. Eerie and The Microphones translated into a heavier form in preparation for a west coast tour of illegal art galleries and punk houses in November 2006. The band was Jason Anderson, Kjetil Jenssen, and Phil Elverum. This is a sturdy tip-on style jacket with a black vinyl 10” and a CD that contains the E.P. as well as the world’s gnarliest bootleg of the band performing the songs (plus others) at the Dept. of Safety in Anacortes, recorded by Karl Blau (holding the cassette recorder up to the PA speaker). Eating wood in the street.

USA: 14$ / Canada: 16$ / the World: 22$

ELV005: No Flashlight by Mount Eerie (Japanese import CD)
This is the out of print first Mount Eerie album, from 2005. The music kind of sounds like soft wooden mallets knocking gently on other weathered wood, making new drum sounds. (In an old temple in Japan recently I saw that their “doorbell” was an old piece of wood hanging on a rope next to a wooden hammer.) Bumping on hollow logs. Weird ideas about walking in the dark and expanding awareness, caves overflowing.

This Japanese import CD version has 4 bonus tracks, as well as all the lyrics in both English and Japanese. It’s all printed by the world’s finest printers, highest quality packaging.

1. I Know No One
2. I Hold Nothing
3. the Moan
4. In the Bat’s Mouth
5. No Inside, No Out
6. (2 Lakes)
7. Stop Singing
8. No Flashlight
9. (2 Mountains)
10. the Air in the Morning
11. the Universe is Shown
12. What I Actually Am
13. How?
14. No Flashlight
15. (2 Moons)
bonus tracks:
16. the Intimacy of the World with the World
17. the Same Ocean
18. Waterfalls (by Thanksgiving)
19. Where?

USA: $19 / Canada: $20 / the World: $21

GMT018CD: Black Wooden by Mount Eerie (CD)
This is part of Southern Records’ Latitudes Series of EPs, quickly recorded sessions from the legendary Southern Studios in London, England. This Mount Eerie one was recorded in a few hours on August 1st, 2007, mostly on acoustic guitar, with some electric guitar touches. It’s maybe a little like “Lost Wisdom” but without the magic of Julie’s voice. 6 songs, including some rarities:
1. Black Wooden
2. the Bottomless Pit
3. If We Knew
4. Appetite
5. Marriage
6. Mount Eerie Revealed (version)
The innovative origami fold up CD package is a uniform template for the series (this is a rare example of a Mt. Eerie release with non-Mt. Eerie art) and was designed by Stephen O’Malley. Plus there’s an expensive looking silver foil stamped Mount Fuji contributed by the band.

USA: $16 / Canada: $16 / the World: $18

This crazy thing was released a few years ago by Burnt Toast Vinyl and Washington Inc. and sold out. Now they made more and are offering a download code this time. Basically it’s a live recording of the world’s longest Mount Eerie concert, 34 songs, including many rarities, plus a 4 track recording of “the Boom” made while in Copenhagen. This was in April 2003 on dude’s re-emergence from Norway cabin time (see Dawn, the book) and so most of these songs are captured fresh and raw. Plus, shows in Copenhagen are pretty amazing. The audience sings and jokes along audibly. One of the six sides contains a faint etching. The triple gatefold jacket looks pretty good. More mountain paintings in ink and coffee. All words are provided in both English and Danish.

USA: 26$ / Canada: 32$ / the World: 41$

KLP190: the Glow pt. 2 by the Microphones : triple LP
Finally back in stock. This is the “deluxe” re-issue of the popular
2001 album by the Microphones featuring a whole extra record of
unreleased songs from the era and “destroyed versions” of songs from the album, plus an extra booklet of pictures and words, plus a whole bunch of photos, plus three records of music. It’s a substantial package. (Released by K.)

USA: 29$ / Canada: 34$ / the World: 42$

KCD190: the Glow pt. 2 by the Microphones : double CD
This is the “deluxe” re-issue of the popular 2001 album by the Microphones featuring a whole extra disc of unreleased songs from the era and “destroyed versions” of songs from the album, plus an extra booklet of pictures and words, plus a whole bunch of photos, plus two CDs of music. It’s a substantial package. (Released by K.)

USA: 18$ / Canada: 18$ / the World: 20$

TAUS001: Ô Paon e.p. : 7”
Two songs about masks, spring deaths, and rebirths.
This is the first release by Ô Paon on the new record label of the same name. We are merely distributing it here.

USA: $7 / Canada: $7 / the World: $10

KLP172:Tout Seul Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur?” by Woelv : 60 page book with LP
(“Alone In The Forest In The Middle Of The Day, Are You Scared?”)
This was released in Dec. 2007 by K but has gone CRIMINALLY under-noticed. For this reason we are lowering the price and giving you some examples of the incredible artwork that fills the 60 page book that accompanies the record. Click these pictures to look closer.:

Geneviève Castrée is the brilliant artist/musician behind this work and also that of Ô Paon. This book/record is an exploration of intense conflict and the beauty and grace that shines through; dramatic music sung in French with lyrics translated into SO MANY different languages throughout the book.

USA: 30$ / Canada: 34$ / the World: 41$

ELV009 (vinyl):GRIS” by Woelv : 10”
We just got some more of these fine 10 inches back in stock. Get one before they’re really all the way gone.
Geneviève made these 4 long songs in preparation for a tour of Japan. They turned out to be too good for just a tour thing so we released it. Drones and mind bends. Sung in French. White vinyl.

USA: 12$ / Canada: 15$ / the World: 21$

ELV009 (C.D.):GRIS” by Woelv : CD
Geneviève made these 4 long songs in preparation for a tour of Japan. They turned out to be too good for just a tour thing so we released it. They are an attempt at “prog rock” she says. Drones and mind bends. Comes with a booklet of drawings and some string. Sung in French.

USA: 11$ / Canada: 11$ / the World: 13$

MAR047 (LP):the Watery Graves of Portland and Geneviève” : LP (released by Marriage)
A collaboration between The Watery Graves of Portland (Marriage dudes) and Geneviève. It is very good. Here is a sample.

USA: 13$ / Canada: 15$ / the World: 21$

MAR047 (CD):the Watery Graves of Portland and Geneviève” : CD (released by Marriage)
A collaboration between The Watery Graves of Portland (Marriage dudes) and Geneviève. It is very good. Here is a sample.

USA: 13$ / Canada: 15$ / the World: 21$

“Welcome Nowhere” by Thanksgiving was our first release, “ELV000”, way back in 2004. It was poorly mastered, pressed on flimsy thin vinyl, made on rough torn up covers, came with a weird CDR with pops and hiss and shit, the silkscreening had chunks of wood and stone in it, etc. Still, it sold out and ended up on ebay for some reason so we figured we might as well re-release it and we might as well include all the other amazing songs from the sessions that didn’t fit onto the first version. So here it is! Two records and a real CD (of the records), in a beautifully printed full color glossy gatefold sleeve. Side 3 is the famous rare “Pregnancy Series” ep released by States Rights Records, now on vinyl for the first time. Side 4 is unheard songs of the era, including “Waterfalls”. Everything was remastered by the excellent John Golden. We are very proud of this one.

USA: 19$ / Canada: 23$ / the World: 30$

What The Heck 2009 compilation : CD
This is a very high quality compilation of music from the 2009 What The Heck? festival in Anacortes, Wash.
Here is the track list:

1. Dial Down The Upload – D+
2. We Made Our Own Government – Lucky Dragons
3. Trapped Inside Your Heart – Mecca Normal
4. Is It Enough? – Bryan, Frank & Bob
5. Funny Disguises – White Fang
6. You Turn Me On (Beat Happening) – Mount Eerie
7. The Driver (live) – Earth
8. Easy To Dream – Cryptacize
9. Certitude (D+) – Ô Paon
10. The Final Shortcut – Ship of Friends
11. Out In The Sun Somewhere – Photosynthesis
12. Love In This Club: S.N.A.G. mix – Sheahan Drive
13. We Leave Empty Handed – Karl Blau
14. Chivers! – Angelo Spencer
15. Kedalaman Air – Arrington de Dionyso
16. Nollie Half Cap Familee pt 2 – Motorbikes
17. Heavy Hearts dubbed – Your Heart Breaks
18. Together In Confidence – Lake
19. In My Cave – Generifus
20. Before Entering – St. Merman & the Zombie Gondoliers
21. To The Earth! – Katy Davidson the Jam Band
(total running time: 72:39)

USA: 7$ / Canada: 8$ / the World: 9$

Anacortes” by Bret Lunsford : 128 page book
Bret Lunsford (of D+, Beat Happening, What The Heck fest and much much more) has assembled this beautiful collection of over 200 historical photos from Anacortes, our treasured home town, and wrote the informative captions. The book is published by Arcadia Publishing, the people who do excellent local history books nationwide. The photos are really amazing. They come primarily from the deep collection at the Anacortes Museum and have a vague focus on the odd things in Anacortes history that make the place so unique (odd things that continue today in things like What The Heck? fest and the various weird characters that are drawn here). early salmon fishing and canning, community events, parades, work, etc. an excellent book.
USA: $24 / Canada: $27 / the World: $33