She was born Geneviève Gosselin in Québec, April 1981. She started using the nom de plume Geneviève Castrée as a teenager self publishing comics in Montreal. In 2003 she became Geneviève Elverum, but then that last name began to cast too big of a shadow on her own brilliant existence as an artist and musician so she went back to publishing as Castrée. We all just call her Geneviève. Some people say it wrong.

I lived with her for 13 years and witnessed the constant inspiration that geyser’d from her, sometimes annoyingly. She’d stay up super late into the night unable to turn it off, filling notebooks with book ideas, songs, poems, scripts, sketches. The vast majority of those ideas are left unrealized. She died in July 2016 from cancer.

She did bring many of these ideas into life though. She primarily thought of herself as an illustrator, spending 10 hrs. a day hunched over her drawing desk, but her meticulous drawing style meant that she only completed a few actual books while the music came out quickly.

Work is underway on bringing out some more books from her.
Here are the in-print artifacts she left behind, books and music:

5 books of various size and weight

  • Susceptible by Geneviève Castrée 80 pgs., b&w comics, 6.6”x10.3”, 2013
  • Maman Sauvage by Geneviève Elverum 76 pgs., poems in French, 5”x7.75”, 2015
  • Tout Seul Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? by Woelv 60 pgs. plus LP, b&w drawings, 12.5” x 12/5”, 2007
  • Roulathèque Roulathèque Nicolore by Geneviève Castrée 54 pgs., b&w comics, 6.5”x5.25”, 2001

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SUSCEPTIBLE by Geneviève Castrée
80 pgs. b&w hardcover comic , 6.6” x 10.3”

Susceptible is the story of Goglu, a daydreamer growing up in Québec in the 80s and 90s with a single mother. From a skillful artist comes a moving story about families, loss, and growing up. Whether she’s discussing nature vs. nurture or the story of her birth, Castrée imbues her storytelling with a quiet power and a confidence in the strength of imagery. – from the back cover

This is Geneviève’s autobiography from birth to when she moved out of her mom’s house. It’s gnarly. She remembered everything and the vignettes in this book are vivid and heavy and beautiful.

Published by Drawn & Quarterly
French version available from l’Apocalypse.


Maman Sauvage by Geneviève Elverum
76 pgs., poems in French, 5”x7.75”, 2015

These are poems in French, but you can read them. The language is direct and domestic, written during pregnancy. Joanne Kyger is an inspiration.

Published by l’Oie de Cravan


Tout Seul Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? by Woelv
60 pgs. plus LP, b&w drawings, 12.5” x 12/5”, 2007

A very ambitious project on the theme of conflict. The song lyrics are translated into many languages on the edges of some pages, often the languages spoken in places that have been in conflict with each other either historically or recently. Interpersonal battles and larger scale wars are all explored. Snowball fights, social trouble, bombs. It’s difficult to summarize here. This album/book is heavy and important.

Printed at the fancy place, Hemlock Printers in Burnaby, B.C., Canada. Released by K Records.
Songs sung in French. Book in many languages.


Roulathèque Roulathèque Nicolore by Geneviève Castrée
54 pgs., b&w comics, 6.5”x5.25”, 2001

Geneviève’s early work. Cuter and containing more magic than her later work. It’s poetic and floaty.

Published by l’Oie de Cravan
In French.


four LPs, two 10“es, two 7“es, one books, two postcards, one pin

With this bundle there are a couple of postcards and we’ll throw in one of the three pins that are shown. This is her music discography, being offered at a discount. Please discover it.

  • TAUS005 – “Fleuve” by Ô Paon LP+download
  • TAUS004 – “Quatorze/Quinze Ans” by Ô Paon 10”+download
  • TAUS003 – “Courses” by Ô Paon LP+download
  • TAUS002 – “Karl & Geneviève” 7”
  • TAUS001 – “a)b)c)d)e)” by Ô Paon 7”
  • KLP172 – “Tout Seul… by Woelv 60pg book+LP
  • ELV009 – “Gris” by Woelv 10”


OR: digital versions here

TAUS005:FLEUVE” by Ô Paon : LP+download


There is a type of nostalgia where the yearning is for a certain place at a certain time, something which no longer exists, something you’ll never be able to re-live. “Fleuve”, the new record by Ô PAON, is partially inspired by this very nostalgia: the cold winters when there would be a lot of snow, the times spent alone at home pondering while lying on your bed, or the long walks in the suburbs of Montréal in a time when you had to use a payphone to contact your people.

The “fleuve” (river) we are talking about here is obviously the Saint-Lawrence River.

This sort of concept album starts off in adolescence, along the way we encounter young runaways, the story ends with the Québec homecoming of a narrator who is nervous about feeling so different that she is completely alienated by it, she doesn’t know what role to play in the society which raised her.

On this record, Ô PAON (Geneviève), shows her influences more intentionally than ever. The guitars are electrified and distorted, we recognize the textures of the pre-internet era mentioned above. Just like on previous Ô PAON records, the lyrics are the result of a mix of anger and frustration. Geneviève addresses directly her feelings of powerlessness when faced with the politics of Canada’s and Québec’s respective governments. She is now living in the United-States, she has lost her right to vote and doesn’t know when she’ll come back to live in her home country.

“Fleuve” is a love letter written to someone who annoys you.

The album was recorded in Anacortes, Washington, in an old catholic church at the end of October and beginning of November 2013 with Australian friend Gus Franklin (with whom Ô PAON had worked on Quatorze/Quinze Ans).

TAUS004:Quatorze/Quinze Ans” by Ô Paon : 10”+download


The small town of Anacortes, Washington is said to have some sort of magical power which makes itself most obvious during the summer. Somehow many creative people from all over the globe find themselves passing through, often making arrangements for a future, longer visit. Gus Franklin, an innovative Australian musician living in Melbourne, spent the summer of 2008 as the artist in residence at the Department of Safety (a legendary music venue in Anacortes’ old firehouse/police station). He stayed in touch and came back to town for large chunks of 2009 and 2010.

Geneviève Castrée (Ô PAON) had the idea that she wanted to work on a record with Gus and another friend of theirs, the Canadian artist Nicholas Krgovich. Both Gus and Nick have established themselves as stellar pop music producers for their own projects (Architecture in Helsinki, No Kids) but Geneviève’s style tends to be all over the place and raw. Somehow this combination and challenge sounded fun to all.

Initially, a few ideas were thrown about, but the unavoidable brutality which hides behind much of Ô PAON’s work took over. The songwriting was inspired by the most surrealistic times in the life of a teenager, the difficult moments as well as the ecstatic ones. All the lyrics were written from the perspective of an alienated teenaged girl.

Throughout the two recording sessions there were some minor miracles. “Hors-Terre” came from the shadow of an idea looped on Gus’ computer which Geneviève thought was one of her own recordings. The vocals featured on “Arbres Muets” are the first attempt at singing some words which had just been written down, this first take was kept and unchanged. Various other ghosts appear on this record due to it having been recorded at the Dept. of Safety which at the time was home to at least seven people. The second recording session had to be done at night in one of Anacortes’ oldest buildings. Microphones were snuck into a yoga studio which had a piano and wide-open windows. The night wind coming from the sea was captured by the microphones.

This record, in a way, is a love letter to struggling teenagers, as well as a love letter to those who grow up wanting to live in a calmer place.

or: download here

TAUS002: Karl & Genevieve 7”


In 2005, Karl Blau (known under his own name) and Geneviève Castrée (of Woelv then and of Ô Paon now) joined forces to write scientific and hallucinated songs in the garage behind Karl’s house. At first the idea was to make a full album, but with their busy schedules (records, books, exhibitions and tours) they only managed to meet up for three songs. Inspired by a taste for adventure, the month of August and the slow summer days of Anacortes, Karl and Geneviève remind us a little bit of the moods of Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem when they were young. The sharing of vocals parts is exciting, Karls’ sung French lyrics are a real jewel.

Karl & Geneviève is a limited edition seven inch featuring a homemade letterpressed jacket and a full color insert.

TAUS003:Courses” by Ô Paon : LP


Ominous repetition, darkness at the ocean, sung in french, with strings, horns, big production. This is a certainty.

also available on CD here.
OR: download here

TAUS001: Ô Paon e.p. : 7”


Two songs about masks, spring deaths, and rebirths.
This is the first release by Ô Paon on the new record label of the same name. We are merely distributing it here.

KLP172:Tout Seul Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur?” by Woelv : 60 page book with LP


(“Alone In The Forest In The Middle Of The Day, Are You Scared?”)
This was released in Dec. 2007 by K but has gone CRIMINALLY under-noticed. For this reason we are lowering the price and giving you some examples of the incredible artwork that fills the 60 page book that accompanies the record. Click these pictures to look closer.:

Geneviève Castrée is the brilliant artist/musician behind this work and also that of Ô Paon. This book/record is an exploration of intense conflict and the beauty and grace that shines through; dramatic music sung in French with lyrics translated into SO MANY different languages throughout the book.

also available on CD here.

ELV009 (vinyl):GRIS” by Woelv : 10”


Drones and mind bends, sung in French. White vinyl.

also available on CD here.