TARP COVERED SHAPE” original painting
29.75” x 45”, painted on sepia tinted tracing paper, sumi ink, water and gold pigment
Painted in November 2010, one of a kind, pretty fragile but ready to be mounted and cared for.
A strange fantasy of the neighborhood banding together into a misguided vigilante squad and capturing bigfoot in the middle of the night, woken from sleep by the commotion. Sasquatch wrongly repositioned as an enemy.

This painting is pretty big.


25“x37”, giclĂ©e printed on 315g heavy velvet rag archival paper
I made this painting in 2004 as part of a series that maybe is still going on? This one is the first in the series. A big headline at the top, a picture in the middle, and a quote from the subject at the bottom, kind of like the broadsides that newspapers would print and mount on the sandwich boards outside newstands that just had the big impact stuff. In movies. Specifically in the 1992 movie “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, a newsboy yells out “Escaped wolf still at large!”, and I took it from there.
The original is painted with sumi ink and espresso on vellum. It’s not for sale, but hangs at Hogstone on Orcas Island.

Prints are $200 plus shipping, rolleld in a tube:

The book “Dust” contains 132 photos that we are offering as high quality art prints. They are 24” x 16” (61 × 40.5 cm), big but not too big to deal with. These are crisp and detailed compared to the images from the first book (below). We’re pricing them cheaply so you don’t necessarily have to pick only one. Printing and shipping will take a week or two.

If you have the book, consult it to choose your page number, or you can look at this preview pdf and enter your choice below when ordering.

24“x16” $49 per print plus shipping


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Seventeen of the already grainy images from the book “Mount Eerie pts. 6 & 7”, blown up to jumbo proportions (49” x 34” / 124.5 × 86 cm), exaggerating the fog and creating a portal in your wall. These are archival epson prints on heavy quality photo paper, full bleed. They could go in a frame or just with tacks. Humongous.

Cost is $290 plus shipping (rolled in a tube).

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