It’s time to share that I have been happily involved with this new invention called Oda. It’s a new way for live music. Two beautiful speakers made of wood connected to the rooms of the musicians you like, programmed seasons of unrepeatable live performances. “The Microphones” are performing during season 1, exact date TBA. The way to listen is to pre-order a speaker now and get in with this weird and excellent new thing.

  • ELV046 – Microphones in 2020 by the Microphones, 2xLP (Aug. 7th, 2020)
  • ELV045 – Lost Wisdom pt. 2 by Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron, LP (Nov. 8th, 2019)
  • ELV044 – (after) by Mount Eerie, 2xLP+download (Sept. 21st, 2018)
  • ELV043 – Clear Moon/Ocean Roar by Mount Eerie, 2xLP+download (June 6th, 2018)
  • ELV042 – 2 remixes of Mount Eerie by Wolves In The Throne Room picture disk 7” (Sept. 28th, 2018)
  • ELV041 – Now Only by Mount Eerie, LP+download (March 16th, 2018)
  • ELV040 – A Crow Looked At Me by Mount Eerie, LP+download (March 24th, 2017)
  • ELV039 – Early Tapes, 1996 – 1998 by the Microphones, LP+d.l. (Dec. 9th, 2016)
  • ELV038 – Lost Wisdom by Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron & Fred Squire, 2016 reissue version, LP+d.l. (May 27th, 2016)
  • ELV037 – No Flashlight by Mount Eerie 2015 reissue, LP+download (Oct. 2nd, 2015)
  • ELV036 – “Sauna” by Mount Eerie : 2×45rpmLP+download (Feb. 3rd, 2015)
  • ELV035 – “Half-Eaten Guitar” by Wyrd Visions : LP+download (April 15th, 2014)
  • ELV034 – “Pre-Human Ideas” by Mount Eerie : LP+download (Nov. 12th, 2013)
  • ELV033 – “DUST” by Phil Elverum : book of photopraphs (June 17th, 2014)
  • ELV032 – “Mount Eerie” by the Microphones : LP+download (August 20th, 2013)
  • ELV031 – “the Glow pt. 2” by the Microphones : 2xLP+download (July 9th, 2013)
  • ELV030 – “Song Islands” by the Microphones (2xLP+download) (March 5th, 2013)
  • ELV029 – “It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water” by the Microphones : LP+download (May 28th, 2013)
  • ELV028 – “Don’t Wake Me Up” by the Microphones : LP+download (April 16th, 2013)
  • ELV027- “Clear Moon/Ocean Roar (condensed versions)” by Mount Eerie (7”) (September 2012) All the songs from both albums played at the same time, simultaneously, cacophonous and overwhelming.
  • ELV026- “Ocean Roar” by Mount Eerie – LP+download (September 2012)
    Part two of the pair, this portion going deeper into the fog and wall of noise, still asking, half remembering a dream of a midnight road trip to the ocean from 20 years ago.
  • ELV025- “Clear Moon” by Mount Eerie – LP+download (May 22nd, 2012)
    Part one of a pair of records exploring a living place as a modern questioning person, walking around and looking at things for 80 or so years before disbanding back into dirt.
  • ELV024- “It Never Was You” by Nicholas Krgovich7inch+download
    a 7” single of this hot new hit track by Nicholas Krgovich (No Kids, Mount Eerie) backed with an a cappella mix of the same song. Here you’ll find rare footage of an early version being performed live at What The Heck 2010.
  • ELV023- “California Lite” by KEY LOSERSLP+download
    unanimously pre-designated as a classic album, the new full length release of Katy Davidson’s (Dear Nora, Lloyd & Michael, Katy Davidson) finest-ever songs, recorded with a super-group in Anacortes. This is thrilling.
  • ELV022 – “Song Islands vol. 2” by Mt. Eerie 2xLP Mt. Eerie Singles compilation. 31 songs, double vinyl plus download. Released Oct. 19th, 2010, out of print
  • ELV021 – “*White Stag” by Mount Eerie*- CDR : (out of print) Songs recorded inside an old building in Portland, Ore., trying to summon an imagined mystical origin from the hidden mud, doubting, cursing. Recorded sloppily and fast as part of a residency through the Univ. of Oregon there. interview
  • ELV020 – “*Wind’s Poem” by Mount Eerie*- double LP/CD (July 14th, 2009) double album, epic and weird, featuring Nick Krgovich of Vancouver’s No Kids, the 3rd “real” Mount Eerie album after No Flashlight and Mount Eerie pts. 6 & 7. Here is a music video for the song “the Mouth of Sky”.
  • ELV019 – “Lost Wisdom” by Mt. Eerie, LP/CD : (October 7th, 2008) with Julie Doiron and Fred Squire
  • ELV018 – FOG MOVIES LIVE by Mount EerieDVD : sold out bootleg of Mt. Eerie at What The Heck Fest 2007 set to movies of the world looking slow and beautiful in bad weather
  • ELV017 – “Dawn” by Mount Eerie – LP The same songs as the ones on the book/CD from Buenaventura Press, but on vinyl, no book. Just a record. These are all the songs that were written during the winter of 2002/2003 in north Norway, played on just guitar with singing.
  • ELV016 – “Black Wooden Ceiling Opening” by Mount Eerie – 10”+CD : out of print 6 songs recorded with the November 2006 Mount Eerie “hard core” line up which was Kjetil Jenssen of the Spectacle, the enigma Jason Anderson and Phil Elverum. Our fastest and loudest achievement so far.
  • ELV015” – “ANDO-PR – 36 page book (out of print) ??a portfolio of writing and collage work. Recipient of the World’s Top Hilarious Joke Award. Here are some samples.
  • ELV014“Mount Eerie pts. 6 & 7” – 132 pg. book + 10” picture disc : FOR SALE This music is the sequel to “Mount Eerie” by the Microphones (2003), but the photos are from all over the world from the last 10 years. They have been hung on the walls of the rooms where all the other Mount Eerie/Microphones music has been born. Also, this is the biggest and best thing we’ve ever made. Mount Eerie revealed.
  • ELV013” – “Rope or Guillotine” by the Spectacle – LP : (out of print) letterpressed/silkscreened covers, letterpressed words booklet… The Spectacle is a band from Bodø, Norway that is already broken up. I became friends with them in 2002 when I showed up in their town and decided to stay. I had never heard music that sounded like that, or seen that kind of dark energy so focused. I am happy to be releasing this record (their second of 3) because I could never manage to make music like this myself, although I try.
  • “ELV012”Don’t Smoke/Get Off the Internet” by the Microphones: 7” (out of print) white or clear vinyl, letterpressed covers. This was a new single by the Microphones, released in January of 2007. Two punk songs telling you what to do.
  • ELV011” – “Welcome Nowhere” by Thanksgiving – double LP+CD : out of print A fancy reissued version of our “ELV000”, this time with a whole extra record of lost songs from the sessions. This is one of 3 records that was recorded in a hexagonal hut on top of a high remote hill above a lake with eagles and military jets, looking out over islands. The beginning of our moving studio called “Nowhere”. “Welcome Nowhere” is a CLASSIC ALBUM, straight up. This new version is totally remastered and sounds 1,000,000 times better. Glossy full color gatefold jacket, tie-dyed colored vinyl, CD, excellent songs.
  • ELV010” – “On Earth” by PEACECDR (out of print) Once we released a CDR by a band from Kamloops, B.C., Canada. At the time it seemed like a good idea. We blew $75,000 on legal fees alone. I guess it was a learning experience.
  • ELV009” – Gris” by Woelv 10” / CD : FOR SALE Geneviève made these 4 long songs in preparation for a tour of Japan. They turned out to be too good for just a tour thing so we released it. They are an attempt at “prog rock” she says. Drones and mind bends. Sung in French.
  • ELV008”- “No Mystery” by D+, LP+CD, (out of print) White vinyl, CDR, lyric sheet, letterpressed covers. D+ is a band made up of Bret Lunsford, Karl Blau, and Phil Elverum. We are very relaxed about it. The songs are Bret’s. We all live in Anacortes and in Feb. 2006 we made a new record (our 5th) in the mornings.
  • ELV007” – “Thanksgiving (pt. 2 of 3)” by Thanksgiving tripleLP+CD (out of print) This was jointly released, Dec. 6th 2005, by Marriage and us. A triple album by Thanksgiving. Beautiful triple gatefold. Red, white and blue vinyl. We technically released the white one. Excellent songs home recorded. No filler, almost.
  • ELV006” – “Nobody’s Perfect” by Mount Eerie – (never released) This live recording was perhaps once intended for physical release but has never been.
  • “ELV005” – “No Flashlight” by Mount Eerie LP+CD (out of print) This is the first “real” Mt. Eerie album. It came out in the fall of 2005. It holds the world record for the world’s largest record cover.
  • ELV004- “the Drums from No Flashlight” by Mt. Eerie LP (out of print) We felt the drums on “No Flashlight” sounded good enough to listen to by themselves.
  • ELV00311 Old Songs” by Mt. Eerie LP+CD+2 booklets (out of print) 11 songs made up during the winter of 2002/2003 and recorded later, sung over the top of primitive electronica. Half joke. Half funny.
  • “ELV002” – “SINGERS LP+CD (out of print) Over the years whenever a large group of people was in the studio doing some singing on a recording I tried to get them to sing one of my songs, maybe play a few instruments. (Hello, I am Phil from Mt. Eerie.) “SINGERS” is the name of this collection of various recordings. Some are from live shows with the audience singing. All of them are “singalong” songs.
  • ELV001” – “Mount Eerie Dances With Wolves/Wolf Mountain Howls In The World” version 2 (out of print) On that tour of Australia Mt. Eerie became a big pickup band of Australians and recorded these 2 songs direct-to-lacquer in a cool studio/pressing plant compound in Melbourne.
  • ELV000”- “Welcome Nowhere” by Thanksgiving (out of print) Our first acual release. It is the 3rd? album by Thanksgiving. It came out in October 2004. We are now reissuing it in a deluxe way.
  • ELV00negative1- “Mt. Eerie Dances With Wolves/Wolf Mountain Howls In The World” version 1 (out of print) The Australian version of ELV001, made on the spot.
  • ELV00negative2- Seven New Songs of Mt. Eerie” – (out of print) This is 7 songs that were originally recorded for a tour of Australia in 2004. It wasn’t a real release. Just some CDRs in a photocopied cover. No big whoop.
  • “Emptiness (version)” by Mount Eerie, flexi 7” released in May 2014 by Joyful Noise
  • “Firewood Industry, Tarped Woodpile, Tie Downs, Failing Roof, Load Loss, Compost Pile, Tacoma Spill, Dying Light: pictures & texts & myths”, a zween by Carson Churchill
  • “Water Activated Designer Packing Tape #4: SLASHED HORIZON by Phil Elverum
  • XRA043- “Live In Bloomington, , September 30th, 2011” by Mount Eerie (July 9th, 2013 from XRA Records)
  • World Heaves” 7” by Mount Eerie, released by Graveface (2012)
  • To The Ground b/w “the Mouth of Sky (M.I.D.I. strings)” by Mount Eerie feat. Nicholas Krgovich
    released by Atelier Ciseaux in spring 2012. Out of print in physical form. Downloadable here
  • Mt. Eerie split 7” with NO KIDS (out of print) on the Caff/Lick label featuring the M.E. song “Through The Trees (excerpt)” feat. Nick Krgovich, and the N.K. song “Prisoner of Desire” feat. Fudge Elverum
  • “*Short Songs” by Phil Elverum*- word booklet (out of print) Just a little booklet from late 2005.
  • Egil’s Saga plus the Saga of Ref the Sly” read aloud onto 7 C.D.s (out of print) I made this as an all-purpose present for my family in late 2005 but decided to make a few extra copies. I’ve been told it’s actually pretty hard to listen to.
  • Water Activated Alpine-Themed Packing Tape #3 (red sweater)” by Phil Elverum : (never made available for purchase)
  • Water Activated Alpine-Themed Packing Tape #2 (Wind)” by Phil Elverum : (out of print)
  • Water Activated Alpine-Themed Packing Tape #1 (sweater)” by Phil Elverum (out of print) Deluxe custom printed packing tape presented as fine art. A roll of non-ironic designer packing tape with wind blowing through trees.
  • Black Wooden EP” by Mt. Eerie LP/CD a release as part of Southern Records’ Latitudes series recorded at the legendary Southern Studios in London in the summer of 2007. 6 songs.
  • Ando-Pr vol. 2 – CD and pamphlet
  • Mount Eerie has a song on a Katy Davidson tribute tape.

a painting of treetops and night sky

MOUNT EERIE pts. 6 & 7


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