Dust by Phil Elverum (book)

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DUST is an “art book” of new photographs by Phil Elverum. There are no words. There is no narrative. These are clear images of a world in color, moments of depth and eeriness found on solitary walks and international drives. The images were made at home (Anacortes, Wash.) and all over the world (in the quiet moments found during Mount Eerie tours), but the where is not the point. The point is the breath of the unknown that a strange new image can breathe from a page if one sits still and looks at it.

They are arranged in pairs, the page spreads building a crucial interplay that creates a third, invisible, internal world as one looks, prompting a wordless conversation between the two images and the viewer. Pairs of rich and mysterious photographs, beautifully printed and bound in black stamped coarse linen.

132 page hardcover book + 48 page inner booklet

(released as ELV033, June 17th, 2014)