Geneviève Castrée: complete works, 1981 - 2016

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Geneviève's life work, pretty much all of it, contained in a beautiful humongous 562 page hardcover book.  This is the result of 5+ years of careful archiving and arrangement, designed and edited with immense love.

Here is the book cover blurb:
Geneviève Castrée (1981 - 2016)
A singular self-taught artist born in Québec and raised between Montreal’s punk suburbs and the raw forests of British Columbia, Geneviève was swept away early by comics. She knew she would be a cartoonist from the age of nine. Castrée’s self-published mini-comics brought her into the Montreal underground scene while she was a teenager and a life of unrelenting creativity followed. Obscure and beloved at the same time, touring the world for art exhibitions and concerts and hermitting through dark seasons, Castrée spent her adult life in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Phil Elverum, and their daughter. She drew constantly, sculpted in porcelain, and released music under the name Ô Paon.

From rarely- or never-seen illustrations and comics, to album covers, sculptures and letterpressed posters, to studio scraps and notebook ideas, Geneviève Castrée: Complete Works 1981-2016 is a breathtaking collection of Castrée’s work and life. The book includes nearly the entirety of her published work plus hundreds of pages more.

Edited, designed and introduced by Phil Elverum.
Prefaced by Julie Doucet.
Translated with Aleshia Jensen.
Published by Drawn & Quarterly, Montréal, October 2022

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