Ô compilation (2xLP)

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A tribute to the music of Ô Paon / Geneviève Castrée, lovingly compiled posthumously by Nick Rennis

Usually compilations are not great.  This one is really really great.

Lori Goldston - Fleuve iii
Sheahan Drive - Grand Sec / Alunissage
Mount Eerie - Gris
Cloud Rat - La Panne
Nicholas Krgovich - Les Filmes Américains
Thou - Manches Courtes
Black Belt Eagle Scout - Masques
New Issue - Les Perdants/Les Perdantes
Le Fruit Vert - Psychiatrie
Nadja - Fille Tannée/Fille Tendue
The Drink Up Honey - Hors-Terre
Ashley Eriksson - Bouée
Thou - Arbres Muets
Karl Blau - Gris
Menace Ruine - Chevaux
Mount Eerie - Un Peu Comme Dersou

All profits will be donated to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research.

16 songs / 70:44 / digital

(released by Ô Paon as TAUS007, fall 2021)